Top 10 addictive online games you can play at work


reliablems.netTop 10 addictive online games you can play at work. No matter how busy a person can get in an office, there is always some free time to spare and take a little break. Instead on browsing the internet and the videos on YouTube, you can play an endless vortex of entertaining games on your phone or computer that will help kick boredom out. It is a time-honored tradition to play games at work.  A lot of websites like daftar poker offers some games that will perfectly blend in with office work and is compatible with any normal web browser or phones:


Best websites for office gaming

    • Daymare town series– This game is an amazing collection of mystery puzzle games which features fascinating and suspenseful artwork. If you are a person who is into horror, this game is for you.
    • Karoshi Suicide Salaryman– The objective of this game is quite hilarious. You play a character called Karoshi, who tries to commit suicide in the most innovative ways. If your office burdens you with an overbearing amount of work, you can probably relate to this game.
    • Crash planning– This is a game that you can play right under your boss’ nose because of the way it is designed. It looks like an MS Excel sheet and the objective of the game is classify similar colored boxes to make them disappear- like candy crush.
    • Snow Line– Snow Line is based on logic and skill because it is aggravating as it is ingenious. It requires the player to draw a snow line for Santa to slide a sleigh across.
    • The Maze– The game is based on a book called ‘The Maze’ by Christopher Manson. It is created in a simple text format and all it requires you to do is to find the shortest route from Page 1 to Page 45 in the game.
    • Type Racer– As the title says, if you are good at typing, you can surely ace this game. Test your typing skills as the game gives you a small passage to type out in the shortest possible time you can against other players.
    • Gold Panic– This is a simple puzzle game the requires you to dig a path inside a mine to collect gold in a cart. It is an endless source of fun and is as simple as it sounds
    • QWOP– This is one of the toughest games ever created because it is almost impossible to succeed at. It involves controlling the legs of a sprinter as he runs.
    • Trivia Machine– It involves trivia from different categories like music, history and movies for all levels of knowledge.
  • Cubefield– This is another race-type navigation flash game that involves avoiding obstacles and helps you waste more time than you’d intend to.